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Season 5 Date Changed & Info for Upcoming Episodes!

28 May

Sweet pineapple I don’t have to wait until the 21st of July for Shawn and Gus! Season 5  has been moved up a week to premiere in the same week as “White Collar”. The new day is July 14th!!

Now going through the message boards posts, I found some new pictures and info for Season 5. I don’t believe any of the pictures are spoilers, but be warned if you think they are.

James says stop reading.. if you don’t want to see pictures.

These three pictures come from the episode entitled: “Romeo & Juliet & Juliet”. Word through the message boards, this is the Rush Hour/ Karate Episode. This is also the Season Premiere!

Do we all notice Juliet’s hair? Maggie is keeping her darker locks for a couple episodes to transition from her “Mr. Yin” troubles.  Where’s Gus in these pictures?

Oh there he is with Lassiter! And they are tap dancing? This pic comes from the episode “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now” where Dule finally gets to show off his superb tap dancing skill.

All pictures comes from the USA Administrator on the message boards.

Episodes currently in the lineup:

The tap episode: Feet Don’t Kill Me Now
The Dirty Rotten Scoundrel episode: Untitled Andy Berman Episode ( so excited for this one!!!!!! If this rumor is correct)
The Kung Fu/Rush Hour episode: Romeo & Juliet & Juliet
The UFO episode that was just annouced by SpoilerTV as being #4
The Holiday Ep
And the yin/yang ep which will be in the end of the season, probably not even written yet.

I’ll routinely scan the spoiler board for info on the episodes, but never for anything spoilerish. I don’t want to ruin anything for me. I thought these pictures were harmless and so was this info. It just felt good to have some info during this drought of Psych on USA.

Now some lovely Psych-O who I believe was Fearless90 posted a link to production photos from set.

Production photo link

(photocredit: eatsleepcelebrity.com)

Oh James, you’re working so hard…. You’ve just motivated me to do more script transcripts. This site is looking a little lonely.

James and Maggie on Kevin Pollak Chat Show

14 May

Well I finally got around to finishing the transcript for the James/Maggie interview from April 18th-ish. Let me just say it is not easy transcribing without any subtitles. Fun fact: It’s about 45 pages. Enjoy it if you are looking for any quotes from it.

Favorite parts for me: The Top Chef Competition discussion for James’ birthday, Sex and The City, NYU and all the games they played.  Maggie and James in general were great in it!

Adorable interview to say the least and I didn’t mind watching it a couple billion times.

Enjoy the screencaps and the transcript that follow.

Maggie and James Screencaps of Adorableness

james-maggie transcript

Season 5 Promo Pics!

13 May

School finals totally made me zone out and I just realized the promo pics for season 5 came out and clearly everyone knew this except me. Oh well, I still need to post them because this site is looking lonely. Sorry Psych-o’s, there are a lot of posts to come!

Photo Credit:  USA photos done by Williams and Hirakawa

Love that the pool balls are green and I love the Chief’s hair, it looks fantastic!

The photos are awesome and makes me want it to be July already!

“Psych” at the Paley Center: Wish I had lived in L.A. for the day

29 Apr


I know Psych at the Paley Center in L.A. happened last week.  It’s old news by now for us “Psych-O’s”. See here’s why I didn’t publish it earlier: I thought the Paley Center was going to post videos like they did for “the Good Wife” and “Dr. Who” in New York. Apparently, they didn’t. Boo! Instead, I’m just gonna try to mush everything together that happened.

So my sideline viewing of the Paley Center happened thanks to Britt Hilgers of @psychwrites! Itouch in hand I was following along her twits as I sat on my couch. Let’s just say I was not paying attention to Project Runway Finale at all.

In Attendance:


  • James Roday
  • Maggie Lawson
  • Dule Hill
  • Tim Omundson
  • Kirsten Nelson


  • Steve Franks
  • Kelly Kulchak
  • Chris Henze

The Moderator: Jimmi Simpson a.k.a Mary Lightly!

(nicegirlstv.com/wire image)

Only person from the ensemble missing: Corbin Bernsen

Things Discussed:

  • Future Episodes: Dule tap dancing, A Rush Hour 2 Episode, UFO’s
  • Shawn’s Five Year Plan:  “Discovering, inventing or stealing a pill that reverses the aging process and kidnapping Barbara Hershey and watching ‘Boxcar Bertha’ with her, convincing Gus to purchase one of those Japanese video games where you dance for your score and possibly kissing Detective Juliet O’Hara on the mouth.”  (Shules, sweet!)
  • When asked why Shawn was fickle with women, Roday said, “None of them are Gus. If Shawn could find a female version of Gus, he might settle down.”
  • When asked how many guns Lassie owns, Tim O says “17 – do you mean guns or rifles or both?”
  • Maggie Lawson was asked if she ever imagines Shawn in his underwear and she replied, “I don’t really have to imagine it. I’m kidding!” At this point, Franks said, “You know Maggie and James are…” and then he bumped his fists together. Roday put his head down at this point. Then Lawson said she imagines Shawn, maybe a little Lassie, maybe Gus, maybe even the Chief. (Adorable!)
  • What set piece would you take home:     Tim: My Gun Holster, Kirsten: My leopard shirt so I could ignite it, James: Toy Frog from Psych Office called Winkie, Maggie: Gus’ car as a  joke, but in all seriousness her Roller Derby Outift she wore when undercover, Dule: His Michael Jackson jacket and his Jheri curl,  Steve: Would take home McNab
  • @psychwrites: Jimmi: “I died in the arms of James Roday”
  • @psychwrites:  “Blueberry story: they were shown 3 cars to choose from and the blueberry was picked because it looked the most ridiculous!”

Go to the The Surf Report/ The Futon Critic for more behind the info

The Surf Reports low down

The Futon Critic behind the scenes…. so jealous

The Tap Dancing is Official thanks to @psychwriters twitter

Britt and the other writers started a contest to give away two paley center tickets if someone could come up with a better title for the tap dancing episode for fun. The winner: “No one puts Lassie in the corner”. Real title: “Feet don’t kill me now” according to  @S_K_Patterson a.k.a. Saladin K. Patterson a.k.a. one of the writers.

Fun Twit Pics from Britt:

Maggie’s Shoes…… love them!

James and Jimmi Simpson!

And now for some professional photos!

Maggie! Love the black dress!


The Fine Dule Hill!


Hello there James!


Tim-O being snazzy! Did I just say Snazzy?

Chief a.k.a fabulous Kirsten!

Shawn and Gus! Funny, funny men!


Maggie who is looking fabulous! I see she is loving the big earrings!

And Last One,

James being adorable!

There might be more discussion of Paley when I find the videos I saw last night.

Dear Fuck yeah tumblrs, I love you.

14 Apr

School and massive amounts of work=Evil. What’s not evil? The tumblrs that lovely fans have set up for not just James, but also Maggie, Dule and Tim.

I told you in the past on James’ birthday to be exact, how Fuck Yeah, James Roday and how it gets me through the day.

Fans of delicious flavor, click here

But, now here are the 3 other tumblrs that need some love!

Here’s the lovely Maggie Lawson’s

Fans of the enigma wrapped in a little blonde riddle

Dules and Tim’s just started up over the past week, so maybe you don’t know they are out there yet.

Gus, dont be a gooey chocolate chip cooke, just click on this link

Lovers of Irish Cop, click here

If you have a tumblr, add these to get your daily dose of “Psych”. I might just have to add these to my school’s tumblr account, I wonder if they would notice… hmm. Well, enjoy!

I would like to order some “Psych” tidbits to go please

9 Apr

Okay so I have about four weeks of school left and I’m not accomplishing as much as I would like to do on this blog whether it be psych transcripts or screen caps…. I’m hoping I can get another transcript, by next week-ish. I apologize, but as I don’t get graded on all things “Psych” even though I wish I could.

So anyway, today’s post is just a reminder with info about James and Maggie’s  chat interview and the release date for  Season 4 DVDs which has been announced.

(love this picture!)

1. Maggie and James Interview/chat thing

Who: James Roday and Maggie Lawson

Where: Kevin Pollak Chat show

When: April 18th

When/time frame: The Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show streams live every Sunday at 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT, 7pm Central and 12 midnight GMT. If you miss the video will be archived and most likely some other user will put in youtube.

Why: I don’t care why, just show it to me already!

The link to watch on Sunday the 18th

2. Season 4 DVD release date

The Season 4 DVD release date is July 13!

I kinda wish they were coming out in June, but that’s okay.

No word on what the extras are though I’m hoping for a lot of commentaries and behind the scenes footage.

Also the color for the DVDS has not been announced. Colors we already have are Green, Blue and Red.

Easter Eggs and Birthday Cakes: Happy Birthday James Roday!

4 Apr

As I sit here and stuff my face with m&ms and peeps, I would like to say I did not forget about someone’s birthday. That’s right… HAPPY 34th BIRTHDAY James Roday! Yes that’s right, the awesome Shawn Spencer turns 34. I gotta love that man for his great acting talent, but also for huge amount of sweetness he gives to the fans.

Remember, I had the pleasure of meeting James and let me just say,it was my best birthday gift EVER!

All right, for some James love I would like to redirect your attention to awesome sites where I get all my James Roday love in a day.

First FuckyeahJamesRoday on tumblr. That’s right, there are more people out there, over 500 followers who can’t get enough of James either. Don’t quote me on the number of followers… I just know it’s huge.

Daily doses of James? How can you go wrong with that? Here’s the answer… you can’t.

Yeah click on this baby for some Roday goodness

Second site of my favorites is James-Roday.net  It’s just full of goodness. If you are on google looking for some James… Just click on it and check it out. Better yet… here’s the link. Click on it… you know you want to . Your welcome.

Also another reason why I love James like there aren’t enough….his adorable girlfriend who is the fabulous Maggie Lawson. Move over Brangelina, you got Rawson… Loday….Jaggie….Mames… I don’t know.. I just know I love them. Anyone know their name?

Don’t worry they are getting their own post soon.. word on the forums is that Maggie and James are doing a chat interview on Kevin Pollack’s Show on April 18th!


Rain+Procrastination= Youtube <3 for Psych and Monk

30 Mar

It’s raining here on the East Coast…again and I am up to my usually tricks of not doing anything productive. In my defense, it’s spring break… and I’m not the one who decided to kill the fun of spring break with mounds of work.  Thanks Professors for that. Any whose I was on Youtube and just had to post one of my favorite promos for “Psych” when it was becoming a new series on USA. Cue James Roday and Tony Shalhoub!

If only they had done a crossover of Psych and Monk… ahh well, back to youtube!


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